Find in this page the Speakers abstracts as well as the Oral Communications and Posters accepted by the Scientific Committee.
Speakers abstracts, Oral Communications and Posters are published as a Supplement to the European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine (EJCRIM), free access official journal of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) at www.ejcrim.com.

The abstracts are freely available for download and can be cited using their DOI number.

Inappropriate Drug Prescribing in Older Adults: How to Reduce It?
Mirko Petrovich
The STRIPassistant: a Digital Tool to Optimize Polypharmacy
Paul AF Jansen
Improving Drug Prescription in Elderly Diabetic Patients
Francesc Formiga Pérez
A Comprehensive Protocol to Mitigate Inappropriate Medication in the Elderly
Vera Vlahović-Palčevski
STOPP/START Criteria and Their Role as a Clinical Tool in Routine Practice
Denis O’Mahony
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to Improve Prescription Appropriateness and Therapy Adherence in the Multi-morbid Elderly
Alberto Borghese
Addressing Inpatient Admissions and Readmissions Due to Adverse Drug Reactions in the Oldest Old
Xavier Corbella
Nutraceutics, Frailty and Polypharmacy in the Oldest Old
Graziano Onder
Prioritization of Multimedication in Multimorbidity: Where Are We Now?
Christiane Muth