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September 25th 2013

September 26th 2013

First session
The context

Chair: G. Licata, F. Salerno (Italy)

Epidemiology of a new global epidemic
R. Pujol (Spain) (20 min)
Comment: M. Tettamanti (Italy)

Comorbidity and multimorbidity: need of clarification
J.M. Valderas (UK) (20 min)
Comment: B. Guthrie (UK)

The social and health costs
M. Bernabeu-Wittel (Spain)
Comment: R. Rozzini (Italy)

Third session
Patient-centered care

Chair: C. Vergani, F. Violi (Italy)

The role of prevention and life-style
S. Corrao (Italy)
Comment: S. de Rooij (The Netherlands)

Approach for improving the appropiateness of drug prescribing
T. Eriksson (Sweden)
Comment: M. Bernabeu-Wittel (Spain)

Goal-oriented patient care
G. Onder (Italy)
Comment: M. Scherer (Germany)

Second session
Definition and approach to clinical complexity

Chair: G.R. Corazza, F. Perticone (Italy)

Multimorbidity and disability
S. de Rooij (The Netherlands)
Comment: D. Mari (Italy)

Cluster-analysis and network medicine
A. Marengoni (Italy)
Comment: G. Bazzoni (Italy)

Multimorbidity polypharmacy and guidelines
M. Scherer (Germany)
Comment: A. Nobili (Italy)

Round table
Which perspectives for the care of patients with multimorbidity in the Third Millennium?

Chair: P.M. Mannucci (Italy)

New approach for clinical trial and guidelines
B. Guthrie (UK) (20 min)

A multidisciplinary approach
T. Eriksson (Sweden) (20 min)

Continuity of care
M. Bernabeu-Wittel (Spain) (20 min)

Involvement of the patient and family
J.M. Valderas (UK) (20 min)

New challanges for research
S. Garattini (Italy) (20 min)